FC Utrecht – Training ground

Sep. 14, 2021

FC Utrecht is a Dutch professional football club, which plays in the Eredivisie. The home of the club, which was founded in 1970 from a merger between Elinkwijk, DOS and Velox, is the Galgenwaard Stadium. The youth and womens teams mainly play and train at the Zoudenbalch sports complex, while the first men team uses the new location below.

About the project

Because of the expansion of youth activities, FC Utrecht thought it was time to increase the capacity of its training fields.
A new training location has been built on already existing football-pitches in another part of the city where the first team completes all its training sessions.
The field is maintained by an excellent team of field managers, supported by our state-of-the-art DrainTalent system.

Topsportcentrum FC Utrecht

What we did

We have provided FC Utrecht and the contractors with advice in the entire pitch renovation of the three pitches and installed two DrainTalent Sport units. One DrainTalent Sport takes care of the first pitch, the second DrainTalent Sport is connected with pitch two and three. In addition, aftercare in the use of the DrainTalent is also part of the package.

The results

FC Utrecht has been training at their new training-facilities since July 2021. Since the technical staff and the players were pleased with the results, the club decided to integrate the system in their stadium pitch as well.

2 DrainTalent Sport units, installed July 2021

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