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What we believe

Sport is about impact. Draintalent stands for a ‘green impact’ by creating optimal, natural grass pitches. In-depth knowledge of technology, climate and sport is used to make a product that not only improves sport, but also the planet.

Draintalent: a partner for sports clubs that want to create sustainable, strong, natural, high-level pitches.

How we do it

There is nothing better than walking out onto a freshly mown sports field with that distinctive smell of freshly cut grass. A surface where the ball rolls as it should and sliding tackles can be made without injury.

Until now, it has not been possible to create optimal, year-round growing and playing conditions.

However, Draintalent has now accomplished this.

Draintalent is a unique circular soil management system, ensuring optimal conditions and balancing the moisture content within the soil.

The result

  • High-quality surfaces
  • Less cancellations
  • Increased use

This circular system provides enormous advantages regarding sustainability.
The Draintalent system is a unique concept in field management.

The Team

Behind the scenes there are multiple members constantly thriving for the best system for your sports field. Here we would like to introduce you to our management team.

  • Arno Harmsen | Co-Founder

    As an innovative International turfgrass expert and one of the Co-founders of the DrainTalent Company, Arno has been involved in developing and implementing the DrainTalent for sports fields from day one. With his passion for turfgrass, sustainability and technology, Arno runs several leading companies in the turfgrass industry in the North American- and the European continent.

  • Rudolf Molenaar | Head of Business Development

    After receiving his Bachelor of Business Administration, Rudolf started working in the IT sector. Several years later, he switched to the sports turf industry. He worked at a Dutch sports fields maintenance machinery factory, where he developed a world-wide dealer network. With his knowledge and network in the industry, it is his goal to get DrainTalent well known around the world.

  • Dave Muis | Head of Sales

    Born and raised at a golfcourse, sportsturf is in Dave’s blood. After years of being a Head-Greenkeeper Dave decided it was time to broaden his horizons. Dave’s interest in plant data prompted him to take up a position in greenhouse horticulture. Sportsturf still retained its attractiveness, so when he was given the opportunity to use his accumulated knowledge from both subjects as an advisor for DrainTalent, the decision was made quickly.

  • Wesley Aaldering | Head of Research and Development

    Wesley has a passion for technology and science. Wesley received his BSc in mechanical engineering in 2015. After his study he went to work on diversified pump developments. In an environment of process technology, software development and microelectronics Wesley worked on the development of the DrainTalent system. He believes that with technology and data many problems can be solved. Analysing the problem and then, this is where most science today stops, is to solve the problems using our modern technologies.

We’re here for your field

Are you curious what the DrainTalent System can do for your sports field? Get in touch and we’ll talk about all the possibilities.

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