Sparta Rotterdam – Stadium

Sep. 11, 2023

Sparta Rotterdam is a Dutch professional football club, established in 1888, which makes it the oldest professional club in The Netherlands. It plays it matches in stadium ‘Het Kasteel’.

About the project

Sparta Rotterdam Stadium had artificial grass from 2014 until 2022. It has been a wish for a long time to return to grass, both players and fans have asked for this. The construction for natural grass started in June 2022 and was completed in 2 months. It is the first DrainTalent Pro installation in a stadium.

Het Kasteel feb 2023

What we did

The reconstruction of the pitch was carried out by a construction team, which we were part of from the design stage. The DrainTalent Pro unit is placed indoors, in a technical room under the stands. We’ve created a specific section lay-out for this pitch, since ‘Het Kasteel’ has a shade side over the southern part of the pitch. Furthermore, the DrainTalent is connected with the Urban Water Buffer next to the stadium. All extracted water is collected, cleaned, stored underground and re-used afterwards.

The results

The pitch in stadium ‘Het Kasteel’ ended the first season following the reconstruction on the third place in the VVCS Field Competition. Important to mention is the progress Sparta made, they ended last year with their artificial pitch on the last place in the Field Competition. As you’d expect, the players love to play on the current pitch.

Het Kasteel oct 2022

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