High standards

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for strong, reliable natural grass sports fields in the professional market. The expected quality from both players and spectators is way higher than a decade ago.

As a professional sport club, you have to act on that. DrainTalent helps you with achieving those goals.

What you get

  • High quality

    With DrainTalent we are ensuring 24/7 optimal growing conditions, which results in the highest quality imaginable.

  • Less injuries

    Unstable surfaces are the most common reason for injuries. Monitoring and controlling the moisture content in the soil creates a firm and stable surface, resulting in less injuries.

  • Lower costs

    When infiltrating water from below, water is going directly to the roots, where the grass itself won’t get wet. Fungus would be less common, because you can keep a dry surface. But moreover, you are saving a lot of water compared to traditional irrigation systems.

Get in touch

Are you curious how the DrainTalent works for your sports field? Contact us so that we can inform you about all the benefits for your stadium or training pitch.

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