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About the system

  • Draintalent is a unique circular soil management system, ensuring optimal conditions and balancing the moisture content within the soil.

  • The DrainTalent works with a system of drainage pipes, divided in sections, which are installed between 30 and 40 cm from the surface.

    By using an advanced and patented vacuum extraction procedure, we can extract water from the top-soil.

    The DrainTalent uses the same drain system to infiltrate water. Nature helps us with it’s capillary function to distribute the water in the top-soil.

  • Yes, you can connect each DrainTalent to 1 or 2 sport pitches. There are requirements on the distance from the DrainTalent to the pitches, and for the distance between the pitches also.

  • No, because of the bidirectional flow direction of water and air, the drains stay open.

About sustainability

  • Water buffering depends on the local situation. We have experience with under-ground water buffering solutions, systems with crates and with basins. Depending on your needs and the possibilities, we can advise you for a specific solution.

  • The DrainTalent helps with 24/7 ideal growing conditions.
    Water and air are two important requirements for soil and plant growing.
    Optimal water and air content creates a better implant, weeds have a much smaller chance to settle.

    By infiltrating water, the water is of course applied from below. Water is going directly to the roots, where the grass itself won’t get wet.
    Fungus would be less common, because you can keep a dry surface.

  • Energy consumption depends on the local situation. The DrainTalent uses more energy when extracting water than when infiltrating water. Based on the local situation, we can give you an estimate about the expected energy consumption.

    Compared to traditional sprinkler irrigation, we save energy because there is no need for high water pressure.

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