Future proof

Sport is about impact. DrainTalent stands for a ‘green impact’ by creating optimal, natural grass pitches. In-depth knowledge of technology, climate and sport is used to make a product that not only improves sport, but also the planet. DrainTalent: a partner for sports clubs that want to create sustainable,
strong, natural, high-level pitches.

What you get

  • Minimal water consumption

    With the DrainTalent system it is possible to infiltrate water. Compared with the traditional irrigation system, the water savings are huge. When combined with a water reservoir, the system becomes fully circular.

  • More playing hours

    Because your sports field would be continuously kept at an optimal level, we create a stronger and healthier turf. This results in more time to play, with up to 600 play hours possible on a DrainTalent field.

  • Less cancellations

    DrainTalent rapidly extracts water from the top layer of any sports field. The will be dry enough to play on in an instant, and so there will be far less training and match cancellations.

Get in touch

Do you want to know if Draintalent would be possible at your sports field? Contact us, schedule a meeting, and we’ll inform you about the possibilities.

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