RKSV ‘t Peeske

Aug. 02, 2021

RKSV ‘t Peeske is a Dutch amateur football club from Beek (municipality of Montferland) in Gelderland, founded in 1929. The first team of the club plays in the Fourth Division on Sunday (2020/21). From the 2018/19 season, the first team will play in the fourth division again after having won the championship in the fifth division. ‘t Peeske has 8 senior teams, 6 junior teams (2 girls teams) and 9 pupil teams (2 girls teams). The club plays at De Kolkstede sports park in Beek.

About the project

The facilities of ‘t Peeske were due for renewal. The representative teams indicated that they preferred to play on natural sports turf. A budget had been made available within the municipality to renew the sports park, as well as the pitches. The DrainTalent concept and the sustainable vision fit within this budget and it was therefore decided to renovate the fields and construct our unique DrainTalent concept.

The first team for the 2021/2022 season. Currently playing in the 4th division, standing in third place (nov. 21)

What we did

We assisted the municipality of Montferland en ‘t Peeske with the renovation of the sports fields and the installation of the DrainTalent. From start to finish, this means – in a nutshel-  sampling the fields, advising on the soil composition and choice of grass-varieties, a drainage plan and the installation of the DrainTalent. In the several links at the bottom of the page you will find interviews and photo’s of this project.

The results

Facts, figures and data are yet to come; The fact is that just as much has been played as on the synthetic turf pitches in the region, that is to say: in view of the cancellations on pitch-technical grounds. Cancellations due to extreme weather are simply unavoidable. Players are happy to play on natural grass, and the experience of playing on natural grass is an extra dimension for the spectators and of course the players.

Fieldmanager, a Dutch branche-related magazine, about the DrainTalent in Montferland

Omroep Gelderland, a Dutch television channel with an item about the DrainTalent in Montferland

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