Primary benefits of the DrainTalent

The three biggest pro’s

  • Durability

    The Draintalent extracts water from the top layer of the pitch at a rate that is revolutionising the sports market.

  • Sustainable

    Grass is healthier, less vulnerable to diseases and recovers faster after usage, when water is applied from below.

  • Less injuries

    With the Draintalent you can also force air through the drainage pipes in to subsoil and out to the surface.


Draintalent is a unique circular soil management system, ensuring optimal conditions and balancing the moisture content within the soil. The result: high-quality surfaces, less cancellations, increased use. This circular system provides enormous advantages regarding sustainability. The Draintalent system is a unique concept in field management.

All of our pro’s

Extracting water

The DrainTalent is capable of extracting water from the top-soil at an extremely high pace. A dryer top-soil and micro-climate are very beneficial in preventing and fighting funguses and other diseases

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Heating the field

A frozen pitch can be warmed up by the DrainTalent, using the most likely warmer outside-air to fill the pores in the soil. Off course this will only work in thawing conditions.

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The DrainTalent extracts water from the top-soil, making space in the porous volume for air (consisting of nitrogen and oxygen)



Do you want to know all the details about our system? Check out our brochure for in-depth information and data.

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