V.V. Irnsum

Aug. 11, 2023

V.V. Irnsum is a Dutch amateur football club located close to the city Sneek in the province of Friesland. It was found in 1931 and played it’s first friendly match in January 1932. They won their first major prize in 1942, by taking the crown of the third in FVB. After a number of relegations in the past years, V.V. Irnsum returned to the third of FVB in the 2010/2011 season. The club has several senior and junior teams and plays their home games at Sportpark De Bining.

About the project

As there are only 2 full-size pitches at the club, they are used very intensively. This meant that due to the high number of playing hours, the club had to make the choice between artificial grass or invest in a better grass pitch. As the club preferred to play on grass they opted for the latter. By replacing the old drainage system with the DrainTalent, the pitches will profit from the DrainTalent advantages and will therefore be able to meet the required playing hours whilst staying in optimal condition. The first pitch has already been done in 2023, the second pitch will be finished in the summer of 2024.

Installation of the drainage in 2023
DrainTalent Sport unit
Reconstruction of the main field

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