What is DrainTalent?

Draintalent is a unique circular soil management system, ensuring optimal conditions and balancing the moisture content within the soil. The result: high-quality surfaces, fewer cancellations, increased use. This circular system provides enormous advantages regarding sustainability.


  • Extracting water

    The Draintalent extracts water from the top layer of the pitch at a rate that is revolutionising the sports market.

  • Infiltrate from below

    The grass is healthier, less vulnerable to diseases and recovers faster after usage when water is applied from below.

  • More air in your top-soil

    With the Draintalent, you can force air through the drainage pipes into the subsoil and out to the surface. While extracting water, you create space for air in the porous volume of your soil profile. Anaerobic to aerobic.

  • All in one app

    With our soil sensors and weather station, you can monitor and manage everything with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Check out all the benefits

Partner for sports clubs

Sport is about impact. Draintalent stands for a ‘green impact’ by creating optimal, natural grass pitches. In-depth knowledge of technology, climate and sport is used to make a product that not only improves sport, but also the planet.

Draintalent: a partner for sports clubs that want to create sustainable, strong, natural, high-level pitches.

Performance & durability

Using the Draintalent system, you can control the firmness of the pitch.
As a result, less damage occurs to the surface, and the ball rolls more accurately and faster.
Watering from below or from a secure top layer, ensures an even distribution of water. This results in optimum use of water without any waste, and without leaching of fertilizers. During heavy rain, the extracted water can be stored either below or above ground, and re-used when needed.

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